My digital sets and bodypaint final. I really wanted to do so much more with it. I had high hopes for it. I originally wanted a camera move. Animating the fish and kelp along with the water and some debris. An underwater scene is much more difficult than anticipated. There was a lot more I had to think about as I kept working. The type of lighting.. how far down, the debris, the amount of time the ship was under water determines how much corrosion, etc etc. I did all the modeling.. even the plants and fish. Emil was nice enough to let me use his awesome ship model and Tom helped out wiht the comping. Alot of the scene really came together in comp.

warrior girl

Another drawing that came from John's class. I took this 20 min drawing and touched it up a bit in photoshop. I liked it.. so I worked on it a bit more afterwards, but not too much, I still wanted to keep the essence of my gesture drawing in there.


Here are some gestures drawings from John Mahoney's class. His class always inspires me to keep my hand in it. We become so wrapped up into staring at the computer all day that we forget there are living, breathing, moving things out there.

10 min drawings - done with not moving pen off paper until the shading.

5 min gestures - not moving pen off paper.

1 min gestures

Bale Rant

Oh yea kids.. the infamous christian bale rant. Its just down right emotional and great for character animation. Bruce gave us this 40 -45 second clip of him just goin to town. We had to choose 5-7 seconds of the clip and animate it.

A few cuss words in this one.. just a word or two.. nothing you haven't heard before.


MadMax is an animation I had to do in 2.5 days for the Shane Acker proj. I dropped everything in the 10th week right before finals were due to accomplish this. I wanted to do something difficult and push myself to complete a decent animation. A lot of things are missing from this animation, given the time constraints, I had no choice but to leave some stuff out and just get to the nitty gritty of it all. And make it short!! I think I did great for me.. just not good enough to get on the project. It's all good, things happen for reasons.. usually good ones.


My first attempt at a tandem animation. Two characters interacting with one another. This was, at the time, the most difficult thing I had accomplished in character animation. I had high hopes for it. I made several mistakes and learned a great deal doing this one animation. At this point I realized I knew nothing about animation.. I have only scratched the surface. Its gonna be a long tough road.. but one that will be fun and inspiring at the same time.


Someone asked me what is up with the creepy scenes you are doing for your lighting classes? It's a matter of dramatic lighting I said.

Shack was something I worked on for both my lighting 2 and dynamics class. I put a lot of time and effort into this project. I modeled, textured and lit everything. In the beginning I had a terrible time with it. I was biting off more than I could chew and revamped it in the 6th week. Whats new right? While I was in the process of working on it, I realized I had to light two different scenes for this to come together. When I imported the lighting set from the shack to the grass it was way blown out.. I had to do a totally different light set for the grass than the shack to make it work. It works ok.. somethings I could have done better in comp if I knew how at the time. The main thing I am not happy with are the leaves flyin around. That was my dynamics final. I did not spend enough time on it and it shows. For the most part I am happy with the way it turned out. It could be tweeked here and there of course.

I worked very hard on it. I thank Jeremy again for pointing me in the right direction with the lighting and Charlie for helping me comp it.